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Cytomegalovirus is a common virus that can affect anyone. It can affect eyesight, organs, cause encephalitis or seizures, fatigue, neurological systems and cause labored breathing.

Symptoms can differ for patients with compromised immunity.

Cytomegalovirus can have a huge impact on patients with Lyme disease, preventing them from getting better. The herbs in A-CM offer strong immune support and antioxidants protection.

Symptoms of CMV: Hearing loss, vision impairment, with suppressed immune systems it can cause: visual impairment, pneumonia, diarrhea, ulcers, hepatitis, encephalitis, behavioral changes, seizures, and/or coma. For babies born with CMV: yellow skin/eyes (jaundice), purple skin blotches or rash, low birth weight, enlarged spleen/liver, pneumonia, and/or seizures.


Olive Leaf studies confirm its antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory effects with antioxidant capacity double that of green tea and 400% greater than vitamin C

Hyssop moves excess fluids or phlegm

St. John’s Wort astringent, anti-inflammatory

Lonicera influenza, flu, fever, sore throat

Astragalus immune stimulant, liver protective, antiviral, encourages stem cell/white blood cell production, used in TCM for spleen deficiency

Echinacea antibacterial, immune stimulant, used for colds, antifungal

Contraindications: Be careful if you're on an anti-depressant, MAO
inhibitors. If taking very high dosages of this formula avoid extreme sunlight exposure. Not recommended during pregnancy.

Suggested Use: Acute: Start with 1-2 droppers 2 -3 times daily. Chronic 1-2 drops 2 times daily and increase as tolerated to 20 drops 2 times daily. Support: Detox 1 for liver support, A-INFLAM, DETOX 2, BT-Detox for toxicity and lymph, NT-DETOX if there is neurological involvement.

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