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Ortho Molecular



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CitraNOX provides a powerful formula for those seeking to optimize several mechanisms of cardiovascular health.*

• Multidimensional Support for Optimal Blood Pressure*
• Helps Maintain Endothelial Cell Elasticity*
• Helps Support Coronary Arteries*
• Supports Circulating Nitric Oxide Levels*

Stress placed on coronary arteries as a result of normal cardiac function is an expected part of the aging process. According to several studies, this stress can lead to disruptions in arterial function, proliferation of vascular smooth muscle, decreases in circulating nitric oxide (NO) levels, and eventually vasocontraction of key coronary arteries. CitraNOX provides a blend of targeted nutrients designed to help dampen this stress by maintaining normal inflammatory balance, balancing NO levels, maintaining smooth muscle integrity, and optimizing vasodilation of key coronary arteries.*

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