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Eternal Platinum NAD+ Face Serum 3.4 Fl oz

Eternal Platinum NAD+ Face Serum 3.4 Fl oz

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By Codeage

Codeage Eternal Platinum NAD Serum is an advanced serum and beauty care solution that offers NAD, resveratrol, collagen, English lavender, aloe vera, and vitamin C & E all-in-one. NAD is a type of coenzyme which can be found in our organism and skin and may play several roles in our body functions.

This skin care and face cleanser serum formula can be applied for different types of use such as a face or eye serum. The association of NAD, resveratrol, collagen, and other ingredients is intended to offer a modern, all-in-one serum solution for our skin wellness and beauty. The addition of English lavender, seaweed extract to this serum formula helps add additional cosmetic ingredients to this skin care formula.

You can use this NAD serum as a day serum or night serum.

Eternal Platinum NAD Face Serum Cosmetics:

✓ NAD + resveratrol serum for skin all-in-one
✓ Collagen
✓ Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)
✓ Aloe vera & Vitamin E
✓ Seaweed moisturizer
✓ English lavender
✓ Niacinamide
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