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Licorice Root Extract 400 mg

Licorice Root Extract 400 mg

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Vital Nutrients - 90 Vegetarian Capsules

• Licorice Root Extract promotes healthy gastric and duodenal tissue*
• Supports healthy immune function*
• Maintains smooth muscle health*

Licorice Root Extract is an adaptogenic herb that helps maintain balanced levels of adrenal hormones, to help support stress resistance and energy.* Licorice Root Extract helps maintain healthy lung tissue and supports smooth muscle health.* Licorice is also a botanical that soothes and promotes the health of gastric and duodenal tissues in the digestive tract.* Glycyrrhizin, the main bioactive component in Licorice Root Extract, has been shown to support the immune system.* Licorice root supplements may also help the body maintain a balanced inflammatory response.*

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