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The powerful combination of TeaCrine®, Dynamine®, RhodioPrime 6x®,  InnovaTea®, Asian ginseng and huperzine A help to increase energy levels, cognitive function, motivation, and focus all while reducing fatigue. Mindset may also aid in the prevention of age-related cognitive decline and has neuroprotective properties without the jitters or crash.  We have now discovered certain ingredients included in Mindset that have shown  positive changes in brain wave activity specifically delta and theta waves which are associated with focus and decision making under pressure.  Mindset also features the enhancement of caffeine (increased half-life), and the activation of dopamine receptors are some of the mechanisms by which the ingredients are working, making it the ideal formula to utilize whenever needing a desired edge. 

TeaCrine® is a trademarked form of a purine alkaloid extracted from kucha tea leaves, called theacrine. Several studies show that TeaCrine® is effective at increasing energy levels, mood, physical performance, and cognitive function.   

Dynamine® is methylliberine, a derivative of caffeine and relative of theacrine and is faster-acting, harder-hitting in its ability to increase mental energy, alertness and focus.  Dynamine® and TeaCrine® both serve a methylurates, a rare class of bioactive ingredients that are neuro-activating yet does not affect heart rate, blood pressure, or vasoconstriction (pressor response). So, they stimulate the Central Nervous System, but not the cardiovascular system.

InnovaTea® High Purity Natural Caffeine is a unique, naturally derived source of caffeine extracted from fermented Camellia sinensis (tea leaves). The tea leaves used to produce InnovaTea® are grown by farmers who utilize sustainable farming practices to help reduce environmental impact. The leaves are also fully traceable back to the farms where they are grown. InnovaTea® is an excellent, clean label alternative to chemically synthesized caffeine.

 Ground-breaking research showed “C3X” (caffeine + Dynamine® + TeaCrine®) boosts caffeine’s half-life 300%, so your energy, mood and focus last 300% longer.  When dosing Dynamine® and TeaCrine® alongside caffeine, you can get a much longer-lasting energy boost (3x) than you would using the same amount of caffeine alone.  Dynamine® and TeaCrine® activate delta and theta brain waves, which are associated with focus and decision making under pressure. Dynamine® and TeaCrine® also active dopamine receptors, help preserve dopaminergic neurons, extend the half-life of caffeine, and do so without the crash or jitters that can come from caffeine-alone. 

RhodioPrime 6X® is rhodiola which features a market-leading high 6% salidroside extract, which is 6X the potency of the majority of other rhodiola's on the market.  Salidroside is the most bioactive constituent in rhodiola and thought to be responsible for its health-promoting effects.  As an adaptogen, rhodiola helps the body resist biological stress. Since stress impacts everything, rhodiola can yield many benefits, such as enhanced mood, endurance, energy, and cognitive function.  Studies show that salidroside has various biological effects, providing support for the cardiovascular system, nervous system, liver, and cognition. Its supportive benefits also include providing support for a healthy mood and feelings of well-being, healthy antioxidant status, healthy circulation and oxygenation, anti-aging and vibrant energy levels.

Mindset is all about the energy and performance when you need it most. TeaCrine®, Dynamine® and RhodioPrime 6x have all been shown to improve focus and mental clarity, while InnovaTea® has been shown to increase energy levels and reduce fatigue. Asian ginseng and huperzine A help support healthy brain function and cognitive performance.

Dynamine® is a trademark and TeaCrine® is a registered trademark, protected by Patents Pending claiming priority to Serial No. 61/903,362, under exclusive global distribution by Compound Solutions, Inc 

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