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Beyond Balance

Tox-ease GL

Tox-ease GL

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TOX-EASE GL® was formulated to provide a gentler form of cleansing that can be better tolerated by the very ill, and mild enough for children and the elderly.* This formula assists the body’s natural detoxification process while increasing assimilation and absorption of needed nutrients.* Some herbal constituents found in TOX-EASE GL® have been known to support the acceleration and detoxification of the elimination organs.* The anthocyanidins found in Bilberry may contain potent antioxidants that offer protection from free radical damage.* Research reveals that Slippery Elm may have a soothing effect on the organs, particularly the colon, due to its mucilaginous content.* Slippery Elm has been found to be high in nutritional content which may be supportive; particularly in children, the very sick, and the elderly.* Studies report that Rhubarb may promote strengthening of the intestinal walls.* Elderberry has a long, well-known reputation in traditional medicine for strengthening the body’s immune system.* Dandelion and Milk Thistle are well known for use in supporting the liver.*

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